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Darbi Medical Consulting


About us

 Highest quality medical treatment

for international patients


German medicine internationally enjoys an excellent reputation and that for many reasons. Since many decades German physicians are important players in advancing international medical science and discussion. Together with their colleagues in other European countries and in the US, German physicians and medical scientists are continuously involved in elaborating intelligent medical solutions for efficiently treating and successfully defeating diseases.


This excellent German medical know how in a large number of areas of expertise is not equally available in other countries. However, foreign patients looking for medical treatment in Germany are usually facing difficulties in getting a detailed overview with regard to the most experienced and best physicians or medical experts. Moreover, a lot of bureaucratic and administrative obstacles are impeding the access of foreign patients to German medical experts.


Darbi Medical Consulting removes these obstacles and paves the way for you to Germany’s best quality medical care and treatment. We offer comprehensive services corresponding to your individual needs. We assist you in planning and organising your medical treatment and your residence in Germany, in handling your Visa and entry formalities, in fixing appointments with best qualified German physicians, clinics and other medical treatment facilities. Even language problems can easily be overcome by our qualified interpreters. Take the benefit of our long standing experience fort the sake of your individual professional health care.


For further information please contact:


Dipl.-Volkswirt Sharif Tawfik


Society for German Arabian economic

and cultural cooperation GmbH

Hugenottenstr. 8

D-61381 Friedrichsdorf

Tel.: ++49 (0) 6172-74902

Fax: ++49 (0) 6172-71404




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